Founded in 1931, the King’s Theatrical Society (KTS) is a student-run theatre organization working out of the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. One of the oldest theatre societies in North America, it is also the largest per capita campus society of its kind on the continent. It is estimated that 80% of King’s students become involved with the KTS at some point during their years of study at the university. As such the KTS is much more than a theatrical society, it is a pillar of student life at King’s where students meet one another, form lasting relationships and memories, and develop important skills.

Each year, based on student pitches, the KTS puts up commercial plays, musicals, original student-written works, and experimental pieces. Its two principal venues, the Pit and Red Room, have housed and supported dance collectives, comedians, and theatre companies from all over Atlantic Canada. This year, as always, the KTS is committed to providing students with the proper resources and support which will enable them to achieve their personal and creative goals.

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